Streamlining Sales Process with custom Apps in Salesforce

Client Background and Problem Synopsis:

This case study is a brief business case that showcases how a prominent real estate company based in UAE enhanced their point-of-sale Sales process with the help of Salesforce and Custom app building expertise. Client is a renowned Real-estate company with a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties. They faced challenges with their existing sales processes, which were manual and time-consuming, leading to delays in property transactions and limited insights into customer preferences. To address these issues and enhance their sales operations, Client sought a customized solution that would streamline their point of sales (POS) processes and also provide real-time data analytics.

Client Goals:

  • Develop a Salesforce-based custom POS app tailored to the unique needs of a real estate company to capture Expression of Interest (EOI) from its clients.
  • Automate and streamline the property sales process to reduce transaction times and increase efficiency.
  • Enhance customer experience through personalized interactions and real-time property availability updates.
  • Gain deeper insights into customer preferences and sales performance through advanced analytics and reporting.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Our team of Salesforce experts collaborated closely with Client’s sales and management teams to understand their existing sales processes, pain points, and desired outcomes. The requirements were documented, analysed, and transformed into a comprehensive solution blueprint.

Custom POS App Development: Leveraging Salesforce’s powerful platform, we designed and developed a custom POS app tailored to the real estate industry’s unique requirements. The app included custom objects and fields to manage property listings, capture customer EOI and contact details and transactions. It also featured workflows and automation to streamline the sales process.

Property Listings Integration: To provide real-time updates on property availability, we integrated the app with Client’s property listings database. This ensured that the sales team always had access to the latest property information during customer interactions and provide personalized property recommendations.

Real Time Transaction Updates: The app was equipped with features to capture customer i.e Contact details, chosen property details, payment transactions etc. This enabled sales agents to capture the complete transaction details that need to be fed onto Salesforce portal. They were able to update leads and customers on a real-time basis directly from the field without having to access the Salesforce portal.

Streamline Order Processing using Workflows: We also developed workflows and integrations that will push the data from the Salesforce portal to Oracle EBS portal, fetch required approvals, and finally push the data onto their Inventory database to complete the property purchase. So, we were able to complete an end-to-end order transaction seamlessly from within the portal.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting: We implemented customized reporting and analytics dashboards, providing Client with insights into sales performance, customer trends, and agent productivity. These data-driven insights helped make informed business decisions and strategize effectively.

User Training and Adoption: To ensure a smooth transition, we conducted extensive training sessions for the Sales team. The training covered App Navigation, Data Entry, and how to leverage analytics to improve sales performance.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud; and Native Integration
  • Oracle EBS – Receivables, Order Management and Property Management


Streamlined Sales Process:

The custom POS app reduced transaction times, eliminated manual paperwork, and streamlined the property sales process, resulting in increased operational efficiency and reduced delays.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Personalized interactions based on customer preferences improved customer satisfaction and strengthened customer-agent relationships.

Real-time Property Availability Updates:

The integration of property listings with the app ensured that the sales team had up-to-date information during customer interactions, leading to more accurate and timely property recommendations.

Data-driven Decision Making:

The advanced analytics and reporting dashboards provided valuable insights into customer preferences, sales trends, and agent performance, empowering management to make data-driven decisions.


By leveraging Salesforce’s robust platform and our expertise in custom app development, Client successfully implemented a tailored Point of Sales solution that streamlined their Sales operations, enhanced customer experience, and provided real-time insights into sales performance. The customized Application enabled them to stay ahead in the competitive real estate market, improving sales efficiency, and driving business growth.

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