Managed Services

With businesses extending and IT budgets under limitations, there is a huge pressure on organizations to operate their existing IT systems along with a competitive edge on on going technologies. This results to Business Level Agreements (BLA)-driven services and vendor consolidation for IT operations.

Migration of the selected workload

Each enterprise accepts the cloud at its own steps with some organizations deploying a few carefully selected applications while others take a “cloud first” strategy that more aggressively plans new applications to run in the cloud.

Transition of Services

Transition of Services help put you on the expressway to cloud Software revenue that underwhelmed, turbulence on international sales and cloud growth that can’t quite offset either. All that did was stoke worries about the company.

Oracle Application & Infrastructure Optimization Services

TechECS expertise to deliver solutions that drive competitive advantage for your business across the enterprise and helps organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure and rationalize application portfolio to gain maximum business value, drive growth, and drive cost efficiencies.

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