Enhancing Data-driven Decision-making using Salesforce Dynamic Exception-Based Workflow


In this case study, we will explore how a dynamic exception-based workflow implemented on the Salesforce platform revolutionized the operations of a real estate company. The company’s goal was to optimize its sales and customer service processes, streamline lead management, and improve overall efficiency. The Salesforce dynamic exception-based workflow provided a flexible and automated solution to meet these objectives.

Client Profile:

The client is a reputable real estate company operating in UAE. With a large client base across GCC and diverse property listings, the company faced challenges in effectively managing leads, tracking sales progress, and providing exceptional customer service.


Exception handling: With varied customer profiles, client was unable to manage exceptional scenarios for select customers as this would require exceptional approvals that were not feasible with the standard workflows configured on Salesforce portal.

For instance, Customer X is purchasing a third property and he is requesting for a deviation in the payment schedule as he has followed the regular schedule and made prompt payments for the previous two purchases. Given the customer’s track record, Sales agent is trying to get an exceptional approval from the Finance team and higher ups in order to keep his customer satisfied. But Salesforce portal supports the standard approval workflow and is unable to facilitate such an exceptional scenario. This becomes extremely difficult for Sales agent to get the required approvals and keep his loyal customer happy.

Solution: Salesforce Dynamic Exception-Based Workflow

Streamlined Exception Handling:

Our Salesforce team built a custom dynamic workflow using the data-driven approach to consider real-time scenarios and run the approvals with relevant stakeholders. It is defined with approvers for each scenario and is intelligently configured to fetch the customer data that is required for validation and approval. If a customer transaction falls outside the usual scope, the Sales agent will have the facility to trigger the dynamic exception-based workflow, which will automatically route the approval depending on the Customer profile / type of property purchased.


Improved Customer Experience: The dynamic exception-based workflow allowed for reducing response time, improving customer satisfaction and thus increasing conversion rates.

Enhanced Sales Efficiency: This enabled automation of sales progress tracking, enabling better visibility into the process and reducing the chances of deals falling through the cracks.

1 Sample Exception Handling Workflow in Salesforce


After implementing the Salesforce dynamic exception-based workflow, the Client experienced significant improvements in its sales processes and customer feedback. The lead conversion rate increased by 20%, and the sales cycle duration decreased by 15%. Additionally, customer satisfaction scores rose by 25%, showcasing the positive impact of the streamlined workflows.


By leveraging Salesforce’s dynamic exception-based workflow, this real estate company achieved substantial gains in efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The tailored solution effectively addressed the unique challenges faced by the company, setting a precedent for leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities in other areas of their business.

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